Black Walnut and Zebrawood Sofa / Hallway Table

zebrawood table
Black Walnut and Zebrawood hallway table

Zebrawood is the perfect complementary  wood to match with  Black Walnut.   The table top features a zebrawood table top with curved ends, Black Walnut edging, with an undercut cove to add a subtle feature to the table top.  The curved rails on this piece are consist of a curved taper from the back to the front of the table.  The legs are gently tapered on all four edges. The drawer has a zebrawood face while the inside of the drawer is black walnut. The corners of the drawer are joined with dovetail joinery, a sure sign of a well built drawer. The table is  approx 48″ long x 18″ deep x 32″ high

If you would like a similar type of table built for you please contact me. I am located in Victoria, BC and deliver to all of Vancouver Island the Greater Vancouver Area. Contact Us Information.

A little about each type of wood used:

Zebrawood has large pours, is creamy in color with brownish zebra like stripes.. Zebrawood has interlocking grain makes it very susceptible to tear out. I have never ran it though the thickness planer without getting tear out.  It sands nicely, and finishes beautifully.

Zebrawood or Zebrano is scientifically named Microberlinia brazzavillensis, Trees supplying zebrawood are grown in a few locations around the globe, most of it is distributed from West Africa. The tree grows from 65 to 130 feet high and a diameter at the trunk of the tree of 4 to 5 feet. The heart of the tree is both rot and insect resistant.

Black Walnut’s  heartwood ranges from light brown to dark brown, it can have some purplish hues to it and figured black walnut is many of peoples favorite figured woods. It is nice to work with although it can be susceptible to tear out on irregular grain areas.

Black Walnut is scientifically named Juglans nigra.  The trees grow to 100 – 120 feet with a trunk diameter of 2 to 3 feet. It is rot resistant but it is prone to insect attack.   Black Walnut is mainly distributed from Eastern USA.  Considered a premium domestic hardwood, it can be costly even though is widely available. It is amongst woodworkers favorite wood to work with.

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