Black Walnut & Maple Mobile Kitchen Cart

walnut and maple kitchen cart
Custom Mobile Kitchen Cart

I recently was invited up to Tom’s condo in New Westminster for dinner and to discuss building a kitchen cart for his kitchen. Tom is probably  the best cook I have ever had the pleasure of eating dinner with, and cooking is one of his major passions.  He showed me the place the cart needed to go and we discussed the purpose of the cart.  I had an idea before arriving but the idea wasn’t going to work with the dimensions and the requirements presented.  Then as we started to discuss possibilities,  he said “surprise me”. Now that is something I don’t normally hear, or want to hear but I took the challenge anyway.

It was left up to me which woods to use, and what style to build. Tom told me he would like something a little bit more wild then the rest of his furniture, which is very conservative. So the planning began, I had to make sure it still fit in to his place with all the other pieces and in particular the white kitchen.  The furniture in the dining room has a dark stain on it, so a maple and walnut project was starting to take shape. It had to have the drawers on the front narrow side, making the very narrow drawers very important to the project. In this situation I thought the best way to make the project a little wild was to create an end grain brick style counter top.

I got to work on the project, and it just wasn’t looking like I wanted it to. I ended up making a few changes along the way, the black walnut legs became straighter with tapers from the bottom of the drawers down, they were all cut from the same piece of black walnut to give matching set of lets. The top and bottom rails were also made of black walnut, and were each pair were cut from a side by side piece so if put together the grains would match. The bottom rail was given a slight arch.

The drawer front style was changed from my original idea and now was made out of a single piece of maple to keep the look of the grain pattern consistent. The cart need to be wheeled around the kitchen, so Antique Nickel casters were added to the bottom of the legs. The handles are a small rectangular shape, also not the original choice but the better choice once I saw the look of them on the kitchen cart.


We delivered the cabinet to Tom on a Saturday morning, I’m always nervous when I deliver a project, but this time was more than usual. I didn’t have sign off on the final look of the project, nor had I discussed many of the features with him. It was my own design, in my head, that I thought he would like. I was right, Tom was ecstatic about the finished project, while I was relieved and proud of the final design of the project.

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