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Jerry McEvoy Woodworking

Jerry McEvoy Woodworking is located beautiful Victoria, BC. It is a one person shop that builds quality fine furniture, and kitchen cabinets.

Jerry's woodworking business started as a hobby more than 25 years ago, building just for himself and family. In 1997 he started selling cedar benches that he was building in his basement shop. He always wanted to learn more and do more with his woodworking skills and eventually decided to get formal training as a Woodworker. Jerry looked at several options for training and decided to take Selkirk Colleges internationally recognized Fine Woodworking Program in Nelson BC under the guidance of Michael Grace and David Fraser.

Jerry opened his own Fine Woodworking shop in May of 2014 in Fruitvale, BC before eventually moving his shop to Victoria, BC where it currently is operating. To Jerry every piece of furniture he builds, he views it as a piece that somebody will be proud to own. He wants you to look at what he built for you and be as proud owning it as he is building the piece of furniture.

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