A Cedar Bench For Your Yard!

outdoor cedar bench
Outdoor Cedar bench

As I was sitting with the wife one morning we came across a pair of legs on a blanket chess that we both liked. We were looking for design ideas for an outdoor bench when we found the blanket chess, but the legs were the basis for developing the rest of the cedar bench.

The bench was to sit on our patio most of the time, but was also supposed to look good if it sat in the yard as yard décor. This bench accomplishes both of these things, it looks good on the patio and in the yard.

The sitting height of the  bench is the same height as a standard chair, it is 16 inches deep and 4 feet long. The concave legs on two sides are the main feature to this bench and nothing is done to detract from the attraction of the legs.

Although this bench is built in cedar, it could be built in fir or if you wanted something a little more exotic like teak that could be done as well.

If you would like something similar to this bench on Vancouver Island or the Greater Vancouver give me a call at 778-998-3463

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