Black Walnut & Maple Kitchen Cart

A beautiful mobile kitchen cart that has a brick patterned end grain counter top is that special looking piece that can be added to a kitchen.  This one was built for a client to fill a spot near the entrance of his kitchen.

Hallway Table

The Black Walnut Zebrawood table has long been a favorite piece of mine. The legs are tapered all the way up to the rounded sides of the table.

Custom built kitchen island

A custom built kitchen island. This 6 drawer kitchen island featured white wainscoting  on the drawers, the sides, and the back. It featured rounded counter top that overhang the back of the of the island so it could be used for sitting at.

Why custom built furniture?

Have you ever wanted that special piece of furniture that everybody envies built for you?  The dining room table that people know you couldn't have gotten that at your local mortar and brick furniture store? The custom designed and built coffee table that is the center piece of your living room? The book shelve that fits exactly into the space you want it to. Or maybe the hallway table that people walk in and see and think to themselves, that is a beautiful hallway table.

I specialize in building this type of furniture. Having a piece of furniture built for you should be more than just walking into a store and finding what you like, it is a complete experience. From choosing the type of wood you would like used, to the shape of the table, it will mean more to you than anything you ever bought out of the furniture store.

cutting black walnut for furniture

What's next!

Let me know what I can do to help you get that customized piece of furniture that is unique to you, and will last you a life time!